Is SEO alone enough for effective online marketing?

Online marketing comprises of several marketing strategies including search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, inbound marketing and much more. However, the most of the businesses look focused on search engine optimization only. Is it really enough for an effective marketing of a brand?logo

The answer is – NO. Search engine optimization alone is not enough. The reasons are varied. Some of the most significant reasons are –

Search engine optimization can drive traffic from organic searches from search engines only. And this traffic is not actually enough. Today, not everybody clicks on organic results always. They prefer to click to sponsored ads as well which are shown through PPC services. One of the most common thinking about it is that a brand that is spending money is advertising is actually an active business spending money on marketing and thus people associate better with such brand. Secondly, you cannot rank on all keywords in organic results, hence PPC campaigns can fill the gap for you. Third, organic listing does not let to show your customized messages. Using PPC you can be more strategic in terms of ad copies and messaging to your potential customers.

It was about pay per click advertising. Let’s talk about social media marketing now. Today, most of the people are found on social networking websites somehow or the other. Marketing to them there specifically will fetch more immediate responses and will also be helpful in engaging with existing customers. Moreover, the people who are seeing your ads on both the channels think of your business in a positive attitude that indirectly affect your overall marketing impact in the long run.

Hence, an efficient online marketing company will advise you to have it all so that your spends can best be subjected and your overall ROI can be positive.

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