Search Engine Optimization – Then, Now, and Tomorrow

Since the advent of search engines, search engine optimization (SEO) has been one of the most popular online promotion methodologies. This popularity can be reasoned to two things mainly – 1. The cost of organic promotion is much lower than any other marketing methods, 2. The benefits are considerably long term.

But, in the recent years since several updates were made by Google to its algorithm, there has been uproar that search engine optimization is no more possible, or it’s dead. Is it the reality?

Definitely not!

For the first thing, as long as there are search engines, there will be search engine optimization, and in full swing. Look at the growing demands of SEO reseller programs, it’s still is profitable business and will always be. Yes, there can be changes in the way SEO is done. The methodologies can change to some extent but not entirely. Ever since search engine optimization came into existence, the links – link building – has the core of SEO activities, and it’s the same today and will always. Make it a point to understand that there’s no way search engines can ignore or deny the importance of links. Yes, it’s one of most important factor of rankings in search engine result page, and it will be the same ever. No search engine can actually deny it’s importance.

But as I already said, there will be changes in the way SEO was done and is done and will be done. The core remains the same.

Hence, it become important for you to make sure that SEO services company you are hiring knows the changes in strategies well and work accordingly. When you look for a SEO company in Delhi next time, make sure to ask them about the kind of activities they will be doing to promote your website.

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