The growing importance of online marketing

According to Verisign’s Domain Name Industry Brief in 2012, the total number of registered domain names passed 250 million. It’s the data by the year 2012 only. We are now 4 years ahead, you can imagine the total number websites and webpages in the world. It’s literally huge.

Given this fact, you would agree that on any single topic subject there must be thousands of websites in the world. Now, if your business one website of it all, you can image the kind of competition you have. As long as your website does not rank in the first page of Google for your keywords or set of keywords, you won’t be potential to your website.

This is how the importance of digital marketing is growing every day.

Today, every business that wants to do online business must have an effective marketing campaign. It can be time and resource consuming and less profitable to have an in-house team for it. Hence, the wise is to hire an online marketing company. An agency that could help you streamline your digital marketing efforts and bring potential customers to your business.

Here you can be specific in choosing an agency based on the significance of a certain campaign for your business. If you depend more on organic traffic, it’s advisable to have a dedicated SEO services company. Similarly, if you need immediate and more targeted traffic to your website, having an agency that offers PPC services would be more advisable.

In short, analyse the need and significance of a certain marketing activity for your business and then hire an agency accordingly. However, if your campaigns are going to be more comprehensive and across all channels, it’s better to hire a full service company.

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